3 Steps to a Successful Fundraising Event

A fundraising event is an excellent chance for the company to generate some money. And while it could be lucrative for the company, the events can be time-consuming and resource-intensive for the planners. To measure if an event is a success, it has to be fun and exciting to the attendees while being affordable to the organization.

Here are the top three steps to incorporate in the event planning to bolster its chances of success.

i. Define the purpose of the fundraising event 

The core step to success is to elaborate on the motive of the event. Is it only an event to raise money, or does your company hope to gain more publicity or improve its corporate network? Getting a clear stand on why you are raising money and for who will help you come with an ideal promotional strategy. To set the event in motion, it’s imperative first to define its purpose. 

ii. Set the fundraising goal

The fundraising goal is simply the amount of money you wish to raise from the event. Whether you depend solely on the primary fundraiser or have multiple income-raising methods such as ticket sales, live auctions, donations, and silent auctions, your final goal is raising the set target amount. Collaborate with your staff members and board on the total amount you intend to raise. Your goal should also include event expenses, and the entire amount should remain enough after catering for its costs.

iii. Create the event budget and agenda

It’s essential to draw out a detailed-budget on the estimated event cost. List all required items for the event. The budget should also include space rental, marketing, materials. Also, give room for unexpected expenses in your budget to ensure you don’t fall short of finances during the event. Finally, create your event agenda indicating the date, venue, itinerary, and catering for all attendees.

The step to a successful event is proper planning. Ensure you follow the three steps in detail to make your event a success. Planning well ensures the success of your event in the end. 

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